3 Steps To Troubleshooting A Noisy Air Conditioning Unit

Although you should expect your air conditioner to make a moderate amount of noise according to its size and function, it's also true that uncharacteristically loud sounds may indicate a problem. Before you involve a repair professional, there are several ways you can try to eliminate the problem on your own. Here are three steps to troubleshooting your noisy air conditioning unit. 1. Fan blade The first thing to look for is debris obstructing the fan blade. Read More 

The Benefits Of Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves are an alternative, traditional heating method for your home and make use of wood as a fuel source as opposed to natural gas or electricity. They offer a number of advantages that other types of heating units do not. Understanding the benefits of wood burning stoves can help you decide if a wood burning stove is the right heating option for your home. Cheap Fuel Wood is fairly inexpensive as a fuel source, and depending on where you live, can cost less than using natural gas or electricity to heat your home. Read More