Four Things You Will Want To Know About Maintenance And Repairs To Biomass Boilers

If you have invested in a biomass boiler for your home, a system will cost a lot less to operate. There are some trade-offs though, such as the regular maintenance and small repairs that your boiler may need. This can include things like cleaning the boiler, checking the fuel materials and doing repairs like changing the igniter or replacing a relay switch. Here are some of the things you will want to know about maintenance and repairs for a biomass boiler:

1. Regular Cleaning And Maintenance For Efficient Operation

One of the most important things you will need to do for your boiler is clean it regularly. There is a chamber that holds ash from the materials, which will need to be cleaned. If it is not cleaned, it can cause problems with burning the fuel materials efficiently. You will also want to clean the exhaust systems and other parts that get ash buildup when you do these maintenance tasks.

2. Checking And Maintaining The Fuel System To Prevent Shut Off

Many biomass boilers use a type of pellet fuel, wood chips or corn. These materials need to have a feeding system, which is usually a type of auger that feeds them to the fire chamber. You need to make sure that the fuel feeding system is working properly and that there is always fuel. Sometimes, the auger can get clogged or there can be a void in the fuel material. When this happens, you will need to prime the auger once the problem is fixed. This is done by turning the auger on to get the materials inside the feeding tube.

3.  Replacing Or Upgrading Igniters In Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers also have to have a igniting element to burn the fuel materials. This is often a type of element like what you have in your oven or electric stove. You will need to replace this eventually with wear. It can be replaced with newer ceramic igniters, which burn hotter and help burn the biomass fuel materials quicker and more efficiently.

4. Replacing Relays That Cause Electrical Problems And Breakers To Trip

Another problem that you may have with a biomass boiler is relays. These are electrical parts that often go out on boilers, and if they do, it can cause problems with the boiler tripping breakers or making the power go out. This is something that you may need to have done if a breaker in your home is tripping every time the boiler comes on.

With the right maintenance and repairs to your biomass boiler, it will provide you with all you heating needs at a low cost. If you need help with maintenance or repairing your boiler, contact a boiler repair contractor to get your heating system repaired.