Using A Ceiling Fan Can Save You Money– Or Cost You Money If You’re Not Careful

You may think that lowering your cooling costs will require a new AC system or cutting back on the use of your current one. However, you can achieve savings and cooling expansion with a simple ceiling fan. Just show care, as improper use of ceiling fans can also cost you money as well.

Ceiling Fans Give You the Feeling of Moving Air

It's no big secret that no matter what the temperature, moving air will make it feel cooler. So a ceiling fan doesn't actually make the space any cooler, it just makes the space feel a few degrees below what it really is.

That means that you can turn your thermostat up a few degrees so your air conditioner doesn't have to work harder. This will keep the air conditioner from switching on as often to adjust the temperature without you losing any of your comfort. That turns into energy savings.

Going Overboard with Ceiling Fans

It is possible to overdo it with the ceiling fans. People learn that ceiling fans can help save them money, so they figure, "Why not put one into every room?" It's true that a ceiling fan in every room can help with the overall comfort level of the whole house, but it destroys the savings.

If you run the ceiling fan when no one is in the room, you're only wasting electricity. You can also actively aid in heating up a space. The motor running the ceiling fan can become quite hot, to the point where it's like having a tiny heater running. You might not feel that heat, but it's there.

That means that if you leave the fan running for a long period of time, your HVAC system will start to work harder. Depending on your thermostat settings, the AC will try to maintain the subtly changing temperature in that room.

Proper Use is Key; So Is a Proper AC System

When used improperly, ceiling fans can cause your energy bills to go up. So, for the budget minded, it's important to make sure that you utilize the ceiling fan the right way. It actually can save you money on cooling costs, but it won't do that without some help.

Always remember that a ceiling fan is no substitute for a modern, energy efficient air conditioning system. If your older AC isn't performing the way it should, then using a ceiling fan can only help you so much. Speak to a professional HVAC contractor, like those at Quality HomEnergy, about your AC system. They may explain that it's time for an upgrade or a repair.