How To Troubleshoot A Furnace

Few situations are as alarming as being stuck without a working furnace during the long, cold months of winter. Not only would you be deprived of centralized heating, but you will also have no hot water for showers. Therefore, it is in your best interests to know exactly what to do if your furnace stops working. Whether you are already in a situation like this or just want to be better prepared, here is a brief checklist of how to troubleshoot your furnace: Read More 

Using A Ceiling Fan Can Save You Money– Or Cost You Money If You’re Not Careful

You may think that lowering your cooling costs will require a new AC system or cutting back on the use of your current one. However, you can achieve savings and cooling expansion with a simple ceiling fan. Just show care, as improper use of ceiling fans can also cost you money as well. Ceiling Fans Give You the Feeling of Moving Air It's no big secret that no matter what the temperature, moving air will make it feel cooler. Read More 

Four Things You Will Want To Know About Maintenance And Repairs To Biomass Boilers

If you have invested in a biomass boiler for your home, a system will cost a lot less to operate. There are some trade-offs though, such as the regular maintenance and small repairs that your boiler may need. This can include things like cleaning the boiler, checking the fuel materials and doing repairs like changing the igniter or replacing a relay switch. Here are some of the things you will want to know about maintenance and repairs for a biomass boiler: Read More 

Signs of Problems with Your Air Conditioner’s Compressor

In a central air conditioning unit, the compressor is what starts the cooling process once the thermostat sends a signal triggering the unit into action. Problems with the compressor can cause your unit to be less efficient or to completely stop working. The compressor is so important that you shouldn't perform any fixes yourself unless you have previous HVAC experience. Call an air conditioner repair person for assistance. Here are a few signs that the compressor has a problem and that you should call for professional help. Read More 

Don’t Brick Your Air Conditioner!

The hotter months bring a terrible challenge for people who absolutely can't stand the heat; 'bricking' the air conditioning. Bricking refers to freezing the internal components of the air conditioner, essentially turning it into a brick of ice that can't cool down the building. Whether you're dealing with an ice brick of an air conditioner or getting ready for the heat of summer, consider a few inspection and maintenance points that can keep your current or future system in good working order. Read More