3 Times When A Central Air Conditioner Is Better Than A Ductless Mini-Split

Are you looking to invest in a new air conditioning system for your home? There are two primary types of whole-house units: central air conditioners and ductless mini-split air conditioners. Each has its own pros and cons, but there are certain situations where a central air conditioner is the better choice.

Strong, Pre-Existing Ducts

Does your home already have air ducts from a prior central air conditioning unit? Are those ducts in good condition without any breakages? Do the ducts efficiently carry air through your home and keep each room a similar temperature? If so, you might want to stick with a central air conditioner unit.

The main advantage of mini-split systems is right there in the name: those units don't require ducts, which is handy in homes without any pre-existing ductwork. But if you already have reliable ducts, there's no real reason to switch over. Mini-split systems aren't more energy efficient and offer minimal space-saving inside the home.

But you might want to consider a ductless unit if your pre-existing ductwork is a mess from either the ducts falling apart or having a poor design that doesn't efficiently cool your home. Replacing all of your ductwork could prove costly and require your air conditioner repair technician to cut into the walls or ceilings to run the ducts.

Smaller Homes

Ductless mini-split systems have the option of installing several air handlers inside to create separate temperature zones. The zones are beneficial in large, segmented houses that either have no ducts or poorly laid ducts that keep some rooms far hotter than others. But those zones can become overkill when you have a smaller home or one that has a lot of open spaces.

A central air conditioner can reliably and efficiently cool most homes if installed properly. And if you do need new ductwork and have a smaller home, the cost might not be a deal-breaker as far fewer supplies and less time are required to duct the a space of this size.

High Utility Bills

Have the power costs in your area risen steadily over the years? You might want to consider investing in a central air conditioning system. A central unit is generally more efficient than a ductless mini-split unit, which means you can run the unit less and save money on your energy bill.

The temperature zones of a ductless mini-split system also allow people in different areas of the home to turn the unit to their desired cooling level. While this customization is handy, this also opens up the opportunity for someone to run the unit at far lower of a temperature than is necessary to keep the space cool.

For more information about which system type is right for you, talk to an HVAC contractor, such as Nicholas Heating & Cooling.