4 Amazing Toilets You Can Actually Buy

Visitors to Hong Kong can catch a glimpse of the world's most expensive toilet. Built in 2001 and worth $29 million, this solid gold, gem-encrusted commode can be found at the showroom of Hang Fung Gold Technology. If the mere thought of such an incredible toilet leaves you feeling like your own bathroom is rather blah, or you simply crave high-tech gadgets and unique pieces for your home, check out these four toilet options, all of which will impress your guests without blowing your budget.

Tankless Toilets

Standard toilets consist of a separate tank and bowl, which work together to contain and flush waste. Tankless units combine the tank and bowl into a single fixture which takes up less floor space and simply looks stylish. These toilets may have a hatbox design or a rounded, egg-like shape, but are often much sleeker and more modern-looking than traditional toilets. Even without a separate tank, they are able to handle waste using a pump built into the bowl itself. These toilets work particularly well in small spaces because the lack of a tank frees up roughly half a foot of floor space in front of the unit.

High-Tech Toilets

If you like to be the first on your block to own shiny new gadgets, check out today's high-tech toilets, which take waste removal to a whole new level. Popular in Japan, these units are often referred to as bidet toilets or Washlets, after a popular Japanese brand. They typically come complete with a dozen or more buttons which do everything from heat the seat to automatically shut the lid when you're done. Some even have music, lights and even spray deodorizers to leave the room smelling fresh. Best of all, they eliminate the need for toilet paper with a built in water jet and dryer.

 Painted Porcelain

The vast majority of toilets are white, though you can sometimes find one colored pink, blue or yellow, which often gives the commode a distinctly retro vibe. To add color without dating your space, consider a Talavera toilet. Inspired by the Talavera style of hand-painted pottery, these toilets are hand-painted in Mexico by artisans, and each one is a unique work of art. You can even find matching fixtures, like painted sink bowls or accessories, or stick to the basics with these extras so your toilet truly stands out.

Toilet and Sink Combo

Some modern toilets have built-in sinks for eco-friendly hand washing. The sink sits atop the toilet tank, and uses fresh water from a small faucet. Once you're finished washing your hands, the water is recycled, and used to flush the toilet. These toilets not only help conserve water, but also serve as an ideal solution for small spaces where a separate sink and toilet might not fit.

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