Thermostat Problems That Can Negatively Impact Cooling Systems

Thermostats are central to cooling systems working correctly in homes. When they experience a problem, so can the cooling system. Here are a couple of instances of when this can happen and what you can do as an effective response.  Improper Placement You might not realize the importance of the position of your thermostat. It may have been set up prior to you moving in, so you didn't really have a say. Read More 

Heating System Improvements To Make Your Home More Efficient

If you want to make your home more efficient, upgrades to your heating system are a great investment. You have choices for alternative energy, smart controls, and other improvements that can greatly reduce your heating costs this winter. The following home heating system improvements are some of the solutions that you will want to consider to reduce your energy bills: Consider Furnace Replacement Options For Home Heating Systems The first option you will want to consider to update your heating is installing a more efficient furnace. Read More 

Does Your Furnace Need A New Heat Exchanger?

Not every furnace problem causes the furnace to stop generating heat. For this reason, some heating issues can go overlooked for quite a while before the homeowner realizes they need to call a heating repair contractor. This can be dangerous, especially in the case of a cracked heat exchanger. This is a problem that can easily go undetected, but it is one you really do want to detect and have repaired. Read More 

Three Gifts You Can Give Your Air Conditioner Before Winter Arrives

In many cultures and traditions, the winter brings holidays, which bring opportunities for giving gifts. Maybe you give gifts to your family members, friends, and coworkers. But what about your air conditioner? It may not join you for the holiday meal, but it can definitely benefit from some winter care! Here are three gifts you can give your air conditioner as winter rolls in. The gift of a disconnected power supply Read More 

3 Reasons An Evaporative Cooler Doesn’t Blow Any Air And The Repairs That Can Help

An evaporative cooler, or swamp cooler, is a durable piece of equipment that keeps you cool and comfortable in the summer and usually doesn't give you much trouble if you keep up with maintenance. It has fewer components than a central AC, so fewer things can go wrong. However, because it has mechanical parts, you might need repairs now and then. Here are three reasons your swamp cooler may not blow any air and the repairs that might be needed. Read More