The Benefits Of Installing A Programmable Thermostat And How To Install One Yourself

That old thermostat that came with your house doesn't have to remain in your house. If you still have an older dial thermostat, most likely it is costing you money on your energy bill each month. That out of date thermostat isn't nearly as efficient as newer programmable thermostats that are out on the market today. Not to mention, it cannot do some of the tasks that most programmable and digital thermostats can do. Read More 

How To Clean Your AC Fan

The fan on your air conditioner is vital to the operation of your central AC system. The fan is part of the exterior unit, which is called the condenser. The condenser unit converts outside air into colder air, which is then circulated into the duct system. The fan is responsible for blowing this cooled air into the ducts. So, the fan is obviously vital to the operation and energy efficiency of any building with a central AC system. Read More 

Two Tips To Help Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

When it's hot outside, few things are as enjoyable as stepping into your home and being greeted by a rush of cool air that envelops you with comfort.  However, as good as that gust of cold air may feel on your skin, it may not be as enticing to your wallet.  Heating and cooling can account for approximately 48 percent of the total energy usage in an abode, which can quickly add up. Read More 

Hot, Hot, Heat: 4 Ways To Keep Your Home Cooler This Summer

As the summer months approach, many people rely on their air conditioner for relief from the heat. While the air conditioner can help keep you cool, it might not provide the level of comfort you are after. If you are wanting to decrease the temperature in your home during the summer months, use these four tips in combination with your air conditioner for maximum cooling: 1. Block Out Sunlight It might not seem like it, but a lot of heat can come into your home through your windows. Read More 

3 Times When A Central Air Conditioner Is Better Than A Ductless Mini-Split

Are you looking to invest in a new air conditioning system for your home? There are two primary types of whole-house units: central air conditioners and ductless mini-split air conditioners. Each has its own pros and cons, but there are certain situations where a central air conditioner is the better choice. Strong, Pre-Existing Ducts Does your home already have air ducts from a prior central air conditioning unit? Are those ducts in good condition without any breakages? Read More