How To Make Sure Your Guests Stay Warm At Your House This Winter

If you are hosting a lot of people over at your house this winter, then you know just how important it is to make sure that they stay as comfortable as possible. Whether you're just having a few people over or you're having several people crash in your basement, this article will list several ways for you to make sure that your guests stay extra warm while staying at your place this winter. Read More 

3 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Is Broken

Air conditioners are a wonderful part of modern living. They allow you to keep your home perfectly comfortable for yourself and your loved ones. Unfortunately, like other appliances, air conditioners can sometimes break. Here are three signs that it's time to call AC repair services. 1. Your air conditioner isn't maintaining a consistent temperature. If you fall asleep with your air conditioner on, it should keep your bedroom at a steady temperature. Read More 

Five Signs Your Furnace Is in Need of Repairs

If you're a homeowner, then you already know that the major appliances can make all types of noises. Some noises are normal sounds, while others may mean that it's in need of repairs. If you are a new homeowner, or even if you've been a homeowner for awhile, you may not know if your appliances are in need of repairs, especially your furnace. If you aren't sure if your furnace needs a repair, read on. Read More 

4 Signs Your Mini-Split System Is In Distress

A ductless mini-split system offers many benefits for you and your home. It allows you to heat and cool without waste, which conserves energy and saves your household a great deal of money. As a matter of fact, ductless heating uses an estimated 60 percent less energy than traditional systems. In addition, ductless cooling uses 30 percent less energy. The benefits are easy to see, but it is important to remember that your heating and cooling system may experience some distress at some point in time. Read More 

House Way Too Hot? These Tips Can Cool It Off

Even during the early days of fall, the weather can still be hot enough to switch on your cooling system. But if your house still feels excruciatingly hot, you'll need to cool it off fast. Here are some quick and simple things you can do to cool off your hot house. Uncover Your Air Registers Air exits and enters the interior of your home through a network of air registers. Air registers cover the entrances of every air duct in your home, including the ducts traveling below your floors and above your ceilings. Read More