Four Issues To Look Into Before You Decide To Install Central Air Conditioning In Your Home

Central air conditioning is often essential to maximize the comfort a home can offer. This is especially true for those living in climates where summer temperatures can rise very high.

However, there are certain considerations to take into account when having an air conditioner installed in a home that could impact how well a home's HVAC system performs. The following are four issues to look into before you decide to install central air conditioning in your home:

What size air conditioner is best for your home

A central air conditioner needs to be properly sized in order to work optimally. Two factors influence what size a home's air conditioner should be: the size of the home, and the climate in which the home is located.

Before you decide on a particular air conditioner model, you'll want to discuss your home's square footage with your HVAC system installer. Your installation service provider will probably want to come to your house and perform an inspection that will look at factors like what your home's heat-load calculation is. 

How much additional electricity your home's circuit breaker box can take

Having an air conditioner installed will increase the demands placed on your home's circuit breaker box. Depending on the capabilities of your breaker box, you may need to have an upgraded breaker box installed in order to successfully take advantage of central air conditioning in your home. 

Whether you need to have new ducts put in place

One of the biggest parts of an air conditioner installation job is putting ducts in place that can channel conditioned air throughout the home. However, it's often possible to connect a new air conditioner with old ducts. This is sometimes the case when a home already has a forced air heating system in place.

You need to have your ducts inspected to see if they are adequate for connecting with your new air conditioner. 

What season you're going to buy in

The season during which you have your air conditioner installed can have a big impact on how much you are going to have to pay.

Air conditioner installers are going to be busiest during the hot season, so you'll pay more to have your air conditioner installed during the summer. If you can wait until the winter to have your air conditioner installed or have your air conditioner installed before the hottest time of the year arrives, you will save some money. 

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