3 Ways Your Furnace Warns Of A Possible Breakdown

The HVAC system is one of the most important systems within any commercial space. A functional furnace and air conditioner are needed to ensure that your employees and customers have a comfortable environment in which to spend time.

The average business owner might not have the knowledge required to diagnose advanced furnace problems, but there are some warning signs you can watch for that indicate your furnace may need repair.

1. Weak Air Flow

You should make it a point to keep track of the strength of the air flow produced by your commercial furnace. Any changes in the amount or pressure of the air being pushed through your building's ducts could indicate a problem with the furnace itself.

Common malfunctions that can negatively affect air flow include broken or damaged belts or a faulty blower fan. Contact an experienced HVAC technician to run a full diagnostic test on your furnace as soon as you detect a weak air flow to avoid a complete breakdown of your heating system.

2. Pooling Water

A thorough visual inspection of your furnace should be completed regularly to help spot moisture problems. Pooling water beneath the furnace can be indicative of a problem with the condensate drain line. This drain line is responsible for eliminating moisture created when the cold and hot air mix inside of your furnace.

The line is typically made from a flexible plastic material that can become brittle with age. A crack in the condensate line will cause water the leak below the furnace and could cause important furnace components to corrode. An HVAC technician will be able to replace the condensate line to keep your furnace working properly.

3. Strange Sounds

The way your furnace sounds while generating heat can tell you a lot about the condition of the appliance. You should be used to the gentle hum of your furnace. Any changes in the sound of your furnace could be cause for concern.

Listen for a banging, grinding, or squealing sound. These types of noises could mean that your furnace is not running efficiently. A complete inspection and tune-up should eliminate any strange sounds and allow your HVAC technician to replace parts that are on the verge of failure.

Investing in repairs early could help you extend the life of your commercial furnace. Monitor air flow, check for moisture, and listen for strange sounds to determine when your furnace is in need of repair. For more information, contact commercial heating contractors in your area.