Check Your AC Before It Gets Too Hot Out

Getting ready for summer doesn't just mean making sure you have a swimsuit to hit the beach; it also means checking your air conditioner to ensure it is working so you don't end up pouring sweat when you are trying to sleep. But if you turn on your air conditioner and nothing works, you need to figure out the problem. You also need to call an HVAC company so they can send a service tech to your house to see if they can perform AC repairs to get your air conditioner running again. You can do some troubleshooting to try and fix the problem before the tech gets to your house. 

Check the Unit

One thing you can do to troubleshoot is to go outside and check the outer unit of your AC. When doing that, you want to see if there is any damage to the unit. You are also checking to see if it is really dirty and if everything is clear. You can clean off the unit by picking off any debris and spraying it down with your hose. If you do that, be careful not to use the highest power spray possible because you don't want to damage any fins. You should also make sure that the nights aren't going to drop below freezing. You don't want to risk any water freezing inside the unit because it could cause damage. 

Check the Power Souce

You should also check to see if the unit is getting power. You can do that in a couple of ways. One way is to check the unit and see if anything is lit up. If there are any lights on the indoor unit, the air conditioner is getting power. Another way that you can see if the AC is getting power is to check your circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker to your air conditioner is off, the problem may be as simple as needing to flip the switch back on. If that gets your AC working again, that's a good thing, but you still may want the HVAC tech to check everything out. If the breaker turns back off, then leave it alone until the tech can get to your house to check everything out. 

When summer comes, you want to be ready for it. That means ensuring that your AC will keep you nice and cool. If it doesn't work, call an HVAC contractor to check your air conditioner and fix the problem.