What Should You Do If Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Smelly?

The moment you notice that the air conditioner is smelly, you should fix the problem fast. The odor it produces makes it difficult for anyone to stay in the house, particularly if it lingers for too long. But what causes the smell?

Air conditioning systems start to smell due to various reasons. A foreign object could be stuck in the AC unit, or the drain line could be clogged, so moisture cannot flow out efficiently. Smelly air conditioners could also be a sign that the unit needs cleaning. Here are steps to troubleshoot a smelly AC system problem and determine if you need to call an air conditioning services provider.

Check the Drain Line

The drain line allows the moisture collected in the drain pan to flow away. If it gets clogged, the water will remain in the pan, increasing the likelihood of mold growth. The humidity usually combines with dirt and other elements, fostering mold growth. 

When mold grows, a musty smell will be distributed throughout the house. So, if you notice an unusual smell, check if the drain line is blocked. This component is located close to the air conditioner compressor, so fix any blockage issues immediately.

Check the Condition of the Filter

If the filter is dirty or clogged, it won't be able to trap contaminants. So, determine if it needs to be cleaned out or replaced. Generally, you should clean or replace the filter often. The component can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or washed with mild soapy water. Dry the filter out before you place it back in the unit.

Determine If There Are Electrical Problems

When you notice a burning smell coming from the air conditioner, you may have some electrical issues. For instance, you may have problems with the fan belt and capacitor. Since the burning smell spreads fast, you should turn off the unit and get in touch with an air conditioning contractor. 

The professionals will inspect the AC system to determine the cause of the burning odor and fix it immediately. Electrical issues should be handled by professionals to avoid additional complications that could lead to costly repairs.

Examine the Air Ducts

The accumulation of dust and other particles in the ductwork can cause mold growth in the ductwork. Also, pests can get trapped in the ducts and die, leading to foul smells. Waiting for the dead pests to decompose will create health complications, and the odor will spread all over the house. So, if your home is smelly, turn off the AC unit and get an expert to clean the air ducts to remove all foreign objects.

For more information about air conditioning services, contact a local contractor.