Reasons Why The Furnace Might Be Leaking Water Into The Home

Homeowners in various parts of the country have a furnace that helps keep their homes warm during the cold season. That said, even with the best maintenance, furnaces might break down from time to time and leave you with freezing temperatures. However, it is startling to have a unit that leaks water into the home. So, if this is happening to you, it is best to call a technician to find out what is causing this problem. These are the most common reasons a furnace might leak water into the home.

When Your Humidifier is Leaking

Note that some homeowners have a humidifier attached to their furnaces. In this case, the humidifier comes in handy if you want to add moisture to the indoor air. As such, the appliance has a water reservoir from which it distributes moisture into the home. Therefore, damage to the appliance can cause it to drip water inside the house. In some cases, the cause could be a broken component or a clog close to the system. Whatever the cause, you will be pleased to know a technician can assess the fixed dehumidifier issues within minutes. However, if you take a long to resolve the problem, it will worsen, and you might end up with mold growth and stuffy indoor space.

Leakage Caused by Condensation

The second source of trouble could be issues with the condenser. Note that most furnace models are energy-efficient and deliver great performance. Hence, manufacturers add a second heat exchanger to the regular system to achieve the ratings. That said, the additional heat exchange process could overwhelm the system and lead to water condensing and escaping into the home. So, check your unit and see whether the water is coming from the floor drain. If this is the case, speak to a professional to remedy the leak.

When the Filters Need Servicing

Filters are another part of the system that often incur damage. These crucial parts are in place to clean the air and keep it clean as long as the furnace works. However, debris can get trapped on the filters and minimize the volume of air flowing through the system. When this happens, the coil will freeze, and condensed water might start flowing from the unit onto the floor. Hence, it is best to call a heating repair expert to assess your system and determine whether the filters cause the water leak. After dealing with the leak, they will replace the filters to ensure the problem does not recur.

These are the reasons your furnace may leak water into the home. Consult a repair expert when you have complications you cannot handle. They can help you keep your indoors warm in the winter and minimize your heating bills. For more information on furnaces, contact a professional near you.