Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Replace Your Heating System

A furnace provides a warm environment at home when the weather is cold. However, like other appliances, your heating system will not last forever. Thus, you must understand the signs your heater will give when it is due for replacement. This will help prevent the furnace from giving out unexpectedly, causing discomfort. In addition, you should hire a heating expert to assess your unit. If they determine your furnace is irreparable, they will replace it. The following are signs you need to replace your furnace.

Frequent Repairs

Whereas it is normal for a technician to repair your furnace when it malfunctions, the frequency should be minimal. Frequent repairs are costly and increase the operational costs of running your heater. Thus, if your unit keeps breaking down despite multiple repairs, it could be due for replacement. 

Strange Noises

Every furnace produces some noise when it operates, such as humming when the burner ignites the fuel. However, if these noises become too loud, your unit could be due for replacement. For example, you will hear a loud boom when a gas build-up in the furnace ignites at once. This may lead to the heat exchanger cracking, which may require a replacement. Moreover, your heater will produce a shrieking noise when a component breaks off or becomes loose.

The Heater Is Old

A new furnace looks shiny and new, indicating it is in excellent condition. However, the heater's appearance may deteriorate over time, showing visible signs of wear and tear. For instance, you may notice rust where metal comes into contact with combustion gases. This can weaken the heater's structure, causing cracks to develop. Furthermore, streaks of soot may indicate incomplete combustion due to your aging system.

High Energy Bills

Ideally, the energy that your heater uses should go into heat production. However, as your furnace ages, its efficiency reduces. This is due to normal wear and tear, which causes additional strain on the components. As a result, the furnace will consume more energy and raise energy bills. 

In addition, if you have an outdated model, it may expend a lot of energy in heating your home. This is because older furnaces do not have highly energy-efficient components that might help lower energy consumption. Thus, you should engage a furnace specialist to replace your unit. They will ensure you choose a heater with a high AFUE rating to save on energy costs.

Evaluating the condition of your heating system is essential to determine when to replace it. Thus, if you experience any of the issues mentioned above, contact a heating replacement professional to replace your unit for peak functionality. For more information, contact a company like Kirkwood Heating and Cooling.