5 Warning Signs That Your Furnace Needs Maintenance And Repairs

Are you having trouble heating your house during winter? Most households use furnaces, heat pumps, or boiler systems as their primary heating unit. You should ensure optimum efficiency and functionality if you rely on a furnace to heat the house during winter. 

A failing furnace costs you more in bills and repairs while also causing discomfort in your home. But how do you identify such furnace faults? Check out these warning signs.

1. Higher Energy Bills

The inefficiencies of your furnace during winter can cause your energy bills to rise unexplainably. Compare your monthly bills and rates over the past year to investigate any rate changes or charges. If the rates are constant but there is increased energy usage, especially during winter, it can signify furnace failure. 

2. Odd Noises

A furnace needs some repairs if you notice any cracking or rattling sound when you start or run it. Usually, the furnace's noise gets drowned out by your daily activities. Thus they are hardly noticeable. 

These noises may be due to a worn-out belt, failing motor, or a faulty ignition system. A furnace maintenance expert can recommend furnace replacements for extreme damages. 

3. No Heat

When the furnace takes too long to heat a room or does not heat the room at all, it needs a checkup. The furnace might be overworking, thus taking up a lot of energy but giving off insufficient heat in the room. This inefficiency not only leaves the room quite cold and dry but also consumes a lot of power.

Insufficient airflow in your home signals the need for furnace maintenance. A healthy furnace pushes hot air through the house doors and windows to heat the house. When the air flows through the vents instead, it indicates an obstruction, damage, or misalignment in the system's fans and motors. 

4. Gas Leaks

Furnaces use gas, electricity, or coal to run their systems. Most homeowners prefer using gas because of the cost and efficiency. Gas leaks within the system show there is a problem with your furnace. 

Look out for any leakages within the unit. Hissing sounds, foul odor, or pools of condensed water indicate that the furnace needs repairs. 

5. Unusual Heating Cycles

It's unusual to have frequent starts and stops when the furnace is running. A healthy furnace cycle should run long enough to attain the set room temperature. A malfunctioning furnace cannot regulate its cycles per the home's temperature. Call in a furnace maintenance expert to investigate the cause before it causes damage to the unit permanently.

Call a furnace repair expert as soon as you notice any of these five signs. They will save you from higher energy bills or further costs in repairs due to extreme damage. For more information on furnace maintenance, contact a professional near you.