See When An AC Technician Should Help Repair Your Office AC Unit

The air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in your office. Without it, you won't work comfortably in your office during the hot season. The office environment won't also be conducive for your employees, affecting their productivity. But did you know that you could still experience the same problems when your AC system is defective or not working properly? Of course, air conditioners develop problems just like other appliances, but how fast you fix them is everything. This doesn't mean you should work on the faulty air conditioner yourself. Instead, you should hire an expert in commercial air conditioning repair to do it. When should you hire an AC repair technician to fix your commercial air conditioner? Keep reading.

The AC Unit Has Developed Mechanical Issues

The air conditioning unit in your office has various parts or components that help it work efficiently. For instance, it has an expansion valve, condenser coils, a blower, a fan axle, a compressor, and a fan, among others. The AC unit will not function properly when any of these components develops a problem or becomes faulty. If the expansion valve is defective, it will not properly regulate the amount of refrigerant in the condenser coils and evaporator. The air conditioner will also not cool your office if the fan motor is damaged. So, if any of the components is experiencing mechanical failure, you should invest in professional commercial air conditioning repair.

Its Electrical System Is Faulty

Most people overlook the electrical issues of their commercial air conditioners and later experience costly problems. It's good to understand that the wiring system of your commercial AC unit could be faulty for various reasons. The cooling appliance might develop these problems if you had attempted to handle any faulty component yourself. An AC unit with faulty wiring will not get full power, meaning it won't function properly. The compressor could also eventually fail due to numerous decompression and compression cycles. In fact, the electrical issues could also cause excessive corrosion to the terminals and wires. An air conditioner with these issues could be a huge liability to your business, so you should hire a technician to fix them before they worsen.

The Sensor Has Failed

Your commercial air conditioner will not function properly when its sensor fails. The thermostat sensor plays a critical role because it measures the temperature of the air entering the evaporator. Typically, the sensor will not work properly due to the accumulation of dust or grime. It will also fail if the wires are loose or the thermostat is broken. And since handling a faulty sensor is usually risky without the right skills and tools, ensure you hire a commercial air conditioning repair professional to fix it.

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