Walk-In Freezer Problems to Let a Commercial Refrigeration Repair Company Handle

Commercial walk-in freezers are incredible solutions for companies that need to preserve a lot of food products. If you have one of these units and it experiences any of these problems, the best way to go forward is to hire commercial refrigeration repair services.

Frost Buildup

A little bit of frost buildup in your walk-in freezer is actually pretty normal. It's when frost collects everywhere and remains when you probably have a temperature stability problem. For instance, the walk-in freezer might be getting colder than it should.

You can respond by hiring a commercial refrigeration repair company. They can take a look and see what's causing this refrigeration system to spike in cold temperatures and thus cause frost buildup. It might be a problem with the temperature settings you've selected or an electrical issue, but refrigeration repair contractors can figure out for sure.

Leaking Coolant

The reason why a walk-in freezer is able to stay as cold as it does consistently is because of the coolant that moves throughout its lines. If this coolant ever starts leaking out, you need to hire a commercial refrigeration repair company fast so that the leak is taken care of before you suffer total product loss.

You should be able to tell if this coolant is leaking by observing signs of dripping or smelling foul odors all the time. Commercial refrigeration repair companies can stop coolant leaks with patches and line replacements that hold up.

Noisy System

When you turn your walk-in freezer on, it's naturally going to make a slight humming noise. If you hear anything louder at any point, that's probably because a component isn't working like it's supposed to. Failing to deal with this issue could necessitate a total part replacement.

Whereas if you hire a commercial refrigeration repair company, they can inspect the loud noise and pinpoint the exact source before you're left dealing with a more expensive repair solution.

They can inspect components known for making noises too, such as moving parts like the fan motor and fan blades. In a short period of time, the repair contractor will know where the noise is coming from and how to stop it permanently. 

If you discover some pressing issues with your company's walk-in freezer, you can hire a commercial refrigeration repair company. They'll know about the intricacies of said system and thus how to go about repairing it, whether it's a noise problem or leaking coolant.