5 Desirable Energy-Saving Features In An Air Conditioning Installation

If you're considering doing air conditioning installation in your home, there are some important factors to consider before you decide on your specific model. If you pick an energy-efficient air conditioner, you can save money and protect the environment at the same time. It's important to do your research before picking out your air conditioner to make sure you buy one that will meet all of your needs. Here are some of the desired energy-saving features you should look into when installing an air conditioner:

1. High Energy Star Rating

It's one thing to call a product environmentally friendly; it's another thing for that product to be environmentally friendly. Look for products with Energy Star certification. This certification is globally recognized as a mark of environmentally friendly products with high energy efficiency. Products with high Energy Star ratings save you money and are also green and eco-friendly.

2. Variable-speed Motor

When you buy a central AC unit, make sure it has a variable-speed motor. This feature automatically adjusts to your desired temperature, which will prevent you from running your AC for too long and wasting money. 

With less time at full blast, you won't be wasting as much energy—so even on very hot days, you can keep your family comfortable without pushing your unit to its limits.

3. Two-stage Cooling 

The ability to lower both a room's temperature and humidity simultaneously is a huge plus for an air conditioning installation today. That's why two-stage ACs are popular: they can cool off a space quickly, then slow down and tackle humidity. It keeps your home cool for longer, reducing energy expenditure. 

4. Automatic Fan Delay Switch

This feature allows setting a timer for when it will automatically power down—which means that it's not drawing any electricity once it reaches its desired temperature. It offers the advantage of saving on your utility bill by reducing unnecessary power usage and saving on wear and tear since you don't need to manually turn off your AC unit every time you leave home. 

5. Thermal Expansion Valves 

These valves open when there is a high cooling load. This feature helps with energy efficiency by regulating the flow of the refrigerant to the evaporator, hence preventing an overcooling response that wastes energy. In today's ACs, this feature is automatically controlled by the smart system.

Energy efficiency is much-desired in an air conditioner; you should be careful to pick an AC that offers optimal energy usage. Contact a company like Scott Guerin Heating & Cooling to learn more.