Critical Factors Affecting Air Conditioning Installation Costs

If you bought your air conditioner over a decade ago, and it's malfunctioning regularly, you may need to think about replacing it. But, the thought of investing in a new air conditioner can be daunting if you don't know the installation costs. You need to determine how much you'll pay to get the best AC for your home and make the necessary plans. The total air conditioning installation cost depends on a few factors that you must consider before choosing the unit. This post will share some of these aspects, so read them and call your HVAC company to set up a realistic estimate for the new AC.

How Much Cooling Does Your Home Need?

If you purchase an air conditioning unit that's improperly sized for the residence, you will be forced to invest more in AC repair soon after installation. You can avoid this by calling a competent HVAC technician to calculate your home's cooling load. This assessment determines how much cooling your residence needs depending on critical factors like the total square footage of the house and the number of doors and windows. The technician will also look at the current AC to determine if it was sized correctly or if your cooling needs have changed over the years. This information will help determine the best system size.

Which Type of AC Is Ideal?

Another aspect that affects AC costs is the kind of cooling system. Apart from window units, central air conditioners are a more affordable option than their counterparts, especially if the existing ductwork is still in good condition. Other types of cooling options you can get include ductless, zoned, and packaged (all-in-one) systems. So, as you pick your type of cooling system, be sure to consider your usage habits and comfort preferences. Also, determine which system will allow you to save money in the long run, mainly through efficiency, longevity, and maintenance. For instance, if you choose an air conditioner with a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), you will save on energy costs over the years, but the installation cost will be higher. The amount you will save on utility bills monthly for over a decade will make up for the installation expenses.

Who Will Install Your AC?

Although some air conditioning systems are easier to install than others, it's essential to leave the installation work to the professionals. If you buy the air conditioner and decide to install it, you will likely make mistakes because you lack the proper knowledge and skills. You could easily damage the unit components during installation or cause the unit to operate inefficiently from the beginning. Hiring HVAC contractors for the installation work is recommended, and you can compare rates from various providers before assigning the job.

Contact an HVAC company for more information on air conditioning installation