Furnace Options And Your Home Heating Replacement

You can expect your furnace to last about 25 years, although the longevity of your heating system depends on how well you maintain it and what type of system it is. When you have serious problems with your furnace and you have the need for consistent repairs, it is time to consider your options when it comes to furnace replacement services. The type of furnace you choose for your heating installation is determined by what type of fuel you want to use and how extreme your weather conditions get throughout the year.

Natural Gas Furnaces

You can choose a natural gas furnace for your home, which is great when you experience very cold winters. Natural gas furnaces are common, as they are efficient and the fuel is not expensive. You will need to have ductwork in your home if you choose a natural gas furnace for your home heating replacement system.

Oil Furnaces 

Although you can find some oil furnaces in the United States, these are rarely installed because of the rising costs of oil. Oil furnaces produce carbon monoxide and can be expensive to run because of high fuel costs. As oil is a finite resource, this is not the best option for a new furnace.

Other Furnace Options

You can choose a furnace that runs on solar power, and your home will be warm and environmentally friendly. These are expensive systems, and the upfront cost of a solar-powered heating system is often prohibitive for homeowners. Mini-split systems are becoming more popular, as they are easy to install in small spaces and do not need any ductwork to keep your home warm. Mini-splits are used for both cold and hot air, combining your heat and air conditioning into one system. It runs on electricity and does not require a fuel delivery to keep your home comfortable.

It is time to invest in a new heating system installation when:

  • You have frequent, expensive repairs of your existing system
  • You can't get your home warm enough no matter what the thermostat is set at
  • Your system is more than 25 years old and is no longer efficient
  • Your heating bill has risen extensively with the same temperature settings

Talk with a home heating replacement service if your system is no longer able to keep your home comfortable or if you still have questions about which heating options are available to you.