Furnace Problems That Can Affect Your AC

If you are ready to turn off your heating for the year, you don't want to neglect repairs. There are problems with furnaces and HVAC ductwork that can also affect your AC this spring. Thus, it is important to have these issues repaired when servicing your system. The following information will help deal with the furnace problems that can affect your AC and ductwork:

Moisture and Mildew in HVAC Equipment

The problems with moisture and mildew can often start over the winter months and only get worse as time goes on. Therefore, you will want to have a furnace repair service help with some of these issues before turning your heating off. Some of the problems with moisture and mildew in HVAC equipment include:

  • Issues with mildew from air handler condensation
  • Problems with ductwork insulation that cause mildew
  • Issues with the AC condensing unit causing mildew and mold

The mildew you see growing is the start of mold and needs to be addressed. Therefore, you want to clean up your HVAC system to remove these problems. There can also be problems with damaged ducts and parts that you may need to have a furnace repair service replace.

Furnace Blower Problems That Affect Your AC

There may also be problems with your furnace blower, which you may not think about when using your AC. The problem is that many modern central HVAC systems also use the furnace's blower when using the AC. Thus, there might be problems with the furnace blower that need to be repaired, including:

  • Blower fan blades being damaged
  • Issues with the motor
  • Bad electrical connections to the blower
  • Variable speed motors not working properly

The furnace blower can also be a source of problems that cause your AC to not work during the summer months.

HVAC Electrical Issues That Need To Be Repaired

There are electrical problems that can affect your furnace and air conditioner. These problems are often with household wiring, but they can be due to problems with the furnace or AC. HVAC electrical issues that may need to be repaired include:

  • Access panels and tripped relay switches
  • Problems with the wiring of the furnace (this can also affect your AC)
  • Bad HVAC capacitors and other furnace components

The problems with electrical wiring can cause issues with your furnace and your AC. Therefore, you want to have the furnace service check your heating and AC for problems.

Furnace Controls and Calibrating The HVAC Thermostat

There are also various issues with controls and thermostats that may need to be repaired. These problems often start with the thermostat and can affect the calibration of the furnace and AC. These problems can often be solved by having the furnace repair service calibrate your furnace.

Just because you will be turning your system off, it does not mean you can just forget about the furnace. Thus, you want to contact a furnace repair service to have these issues dealt with before turning your heating off.