3 Reasons An Evaporative Cooler Doesn’t Blow Any Air And The Repairs That Can Help

An evaporative cooler, or swamp cooler, is a durable piece of equipment that keeps you cool and comfortable in the summer and usually doesn't give you much trouble if you keep up with maintenance. It has fewer components than a central AC, so fewer things can go wrong. However, because it has mechanical parts, you might need repairs now and then. Here are three reasons your swamp cooler may not blow any air and the repairs that might be needed.

1. The Thermostat Is Malfunctioning

Swamp coolers don't always have thermostats, so if yours doesn't, you can automatically rule out thermostat problems. If your cooler has a thermostat, it might be malfunctioning and keeping the cooler from kicking on.

This might be due to loose wiring or a bad thermostat. Wiring can be tightened or replaced, but if the problem is with the thermostat itself, the repairperson may have to replace it.

2. The Wiring Or Power Source Is Bad

If your cooler isn't working, the first thing to check is the circuit breaker. If it flips back off after you turn it on, then call an evaporative cooler repair service to check the wiring. Wiring can sometimes wear out or develop a short. There might even be a problem with the fuse in the cooler.

A repair professional can test the voltage and electric parts to find out why your cooler doesn't have the power it needs to run. It may be necessary to replace wiring or put in a new fuse to get your cooler working again.

3. The Fan Motor Is Bad

Another thing that can cause your evaporative cooler to stop blowing air is when the fan stops working. The fan is controlled by a motor and belt, and both have to be in good shape to spin the fan.

The repair person will probably check the belt first since it's easy to tell by looking if the belt is bad. If so, the belt can be replaced. If the belt is fine, the problem could be with the motor.

Some parts of the motor can be repaired or replaced, such as the bearings, pulley, and wiring. If the motor is burned out, the repair professional may need to replace the entire motor.

A swamp cooler that doesn't operate properly is frustrating. If your cooler stops blowing air, or if the air it blows isn't cool enough, call an evaporative cooler repair company for help. You might be able to do some repairs yourself, but when it comes to working on internal parts or wiring, you'll probably need the help of a professional.