Why Spring Is The Perfect Time For Heating System Service

If you've been having problems with your heater all winter but the weather is already starting to warm up as spring approaches, you may be tempted to just deal with the problem next year. There are several reasons why you want to take care of your heating system service in spring.

Problems Can Get Bigger Even When You're Not Using Your Heater

If your heating system has a mechanical problem, you could be causing more damage by continuing to use it. One broken part could be stressing or wearing out another part. There are also problems that can get worse even when your heater isn't in use.

For example, you may have a leaky duct. If you don't fix your duct right away, it could be filled with dust all summer and create a health and fire hazard when you turn your heat back on in the fall. Rodents or insects could also get inside.

In addition, your heater often shares components with your cooling system. If you have one blower fan for both systems, you'll have the same problem in heating mode as you did in cooling mode.

You Want to Find Problems You May Not Have Noticed

Some problems with your heating system don't make noise or change how warm your house gets. However, they might cause your heater to run just a little bit longer and run up your energy bill. At the same time, you might think the energy bill increase was because prices went up.

If you schedule a heating system inspection and service at the end of winter, you can find and correct these little problems instead of forgetting to look into why your energy bill went up and paying even more next year.

It's Easier and Cheaper to Get an Appointment

HVAC companies get really busy just before winter and summer as everyone who needs a new heater or air conditioner races to install one. Once cold or hot weather hits, people start to notice they need repairs and HVAC companies get booked up with emergency service calls.

When the weather turns more mild, HVAC companies don't get as many calls. They'll often run discounts and specials on service to fill up that time. That helps you out too since you can get the service you'd need anyway at a cheaper price.

To schedule a heating system service, contact a local HVAC contractor today.