4 Options To Keep Cool Next Summer With More Efficient Cooling And Lower Energy Costs

If your old AC is constantly running, needs repairs every summer, and raises your energy costs during the winter months, replacing it now is a good decision. Today, there are many options for more efficient AC designs that will help with energy efficiency, as well as reduce wear that leads to higher maintenance and repair costs. The following AC installation options are some of the designs you may want to consider to update your home before the heatwaves next summer:

1. Efficient Heat Pump Solutions That Can Also Provide Warmth During the Cold Winter Months

Today, modern heat pumps have a lot to offer when installing a new AC system. First, they are much more efficient than older air conditioning designs, but they can also help with heating your home. An efficient heat pump can work in reverse during the winter months to provide efficient heating for your home and reduce your overall annual energy costs.

2. High-Efficiency Electric AC Systems That Are Ready to Be Connected to Renewable Energy Installations

If you are looking for the best options to replace your old and outdated AC, you may want to consider a high-efficiency electric system. These systems are much more efficient than older AC designs and can also be ready to connect to existing or future renewable energy systems like solar panels or residential wind turbines.

3. High-Velocity Duct System to Replace Old Ducts and Renovate Your Home With Efficient Air Conditioning

Another option that you will want to consider for a new AC installation is high-velocity duct systems. These are systems that use smaller ducts that deliver the air at a higher rate than a normal AC system. This makes them more efficient than conventional HVAC and also reduces the space needed to install the compact ductwork. This is ideal for renovations and installing new AC in homes that have never had modern air conditioning.

4. Replacing Your Old Ducted HVAC With a Modern Ductless System That Costs Less and Provides Energy Benefits

Another option that you may want to consider for a new AC installation is a ductless system. These systems are ideal for cooling smaller areas or adding AC to features to additions and renovations. Ductless systems also give you the advantage of a less expensive AC installation option because there is not the cost of ductwork and labor associated with conventional systems.

These are some of the options that you will want to consider for efficient AC installation to keep you cool next summer and lower your energy costs. If you are ready to replace your old AC, contact an air conditioner installation service, like Vigil Air, and talk to them about some of these efficient options.