End Of Summer Air Conditioner Maintenance

The warm summer days are quickly coming to close, which means your air conditioner system is due for a long break. However, this does not mean it is time to stop your air conditioner maintenance altogether. Here are some things you need to do before you close down the system for the cold winter months.

Clear Dust and Debris from the Vents

Check your air conditioner vents for dust and debris. It can build up very quickly during the hot, dusty days of summer. Removing this debris will ensure you do not have dirty air circulating through your home while it is closed for winter. To clean your vents, you simply need to vacuum them with the dusting attachment for your vacuum cleaner. You can also use a microfiber cloth to get to any areas you missed.

Change the Filters

One of the easiest air conditioner maintenance jobs is to change the filters. A clean filter will ensure your air conditioner is effectively moving the air from the system into your home without anything in the way. Clogged filters will keep the air conditioner from running well, but it will also inhibit your furnace when it is time to heat your home. Be sure to change your filter at the end of the summer season.

Mow Around the Outside Unit

Summer days means a lot of mowing and clearing of weeds. This should also include the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. Even though the days of mowing the lawn are drawing to a close, you still need to do one last weeding and mowing around the unit outside, so it will work properly.

While you are mowing around the outside unit, take some extra time to really do a good cleaning in the area. Remove any grass clippings or dirt that have built up over the summer season. Before too long, the fall leaves will begin to accumulate. Cleaning up now will help you have an easier time when you need to clean up the fall debris.

If you allow too much grass and debris to gather around the unit outside, the air is not able to flow through the unit and into the house. Not only will your air conditioner not work as it should, but it can also cause major damage. If the motor in the outdoor unit has to work overly hard, it will prematurely cease to work, leaving you with an expensive repair bill.

For more information, contact your local AC repairs service.