4 Ways to Solve Uneven Home Cooling

An AC is an indispensable appliance when it comes to combating the soaring temperatures that accompany the summer season. But, like other mechanical devices, normal wear and tear can cause your cooling system to malfunction. One of the common AC malfunctions is uneven cooling of the building, whereby some spots become cooler than others. When you experience such an issue, hire AC repair services right away. That way, you will prevent the issue from escalating, causing additional problems. Read on to learn how to solve uneven home cooling.

Clean or Replace Air Filters

AC filters trap dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, and other debris, ensuring clean air circulation. However, the filters will clog with airborne pollutants over time, impeding airflow. As a result, the evaporator coil will ice up as the cold refrigerant will flow without adequate air for heat absorption. Because of that, your home will experience uneven cooling as clogged filters hinder an average cooling output. You should contact an AC technician to clean your filters when that happens. If disposable, they will replace the filters with identical ones to ensure proper airflow.

Seal the Ductwork

Usually, cool air travels from the AC to the house through the ducts. Unfortunately, temperature fluctuations and vibrations can cause duct wear and tear. Then, the ductwork might develop holes where cool air escapes to the unconditioned spaces. Furthermore, vermin can invade the system and eat through the duct material. That means the air will leak before reaching its intended destination, causing uneven cooling. In this case, it is imperative to hire an AC specialist to seal leaky joints using duct sealant. They will also insulate the ducts to minimize energy losses.

Clean the Air Vents

AC vents facilitate air circulation from your home to the cooling unit and vice-versa. Unfortunately, airborne particulates can build up around vents, restricting air circulation. Besides, carpeting and furniture near the vents can block them, hindering cold air distribution. This results in uneven cooling, where spots far away from the vents remain warm. The best way to avoid such an occurrence is by routinely engaging an AC contractor to clean and unblock the vents and ducts.

Inspect the Refrigerant 

The refrigerant absorbs heat in the air handler and dissipates it outdoors. If the refrigerant lines deteriorate from formic acid corrosion, they can leak coolant. Additionally, the seal on the line set can wear out, and the access fittings become loose. As a result, the refrigerant will leak, leading to less cooling power and uneven cooling. In this case, your AC repair expert will patch and seal the line set to ensure maximum cooling output.

An AC that delivers uneven cooling will increase your energy bills. To avoid this, schedule maintenance checks with an air conditioning repair technician, as it will ensure your system performs maximally.