Thermostat Problems That Can Negatively Impact Cooling Systems

Thermostats are central to cooling systems working correctly in homes. When they experience a problem, so can the cooling system. Here are a couple of instances of when this can happen and what you can do as an effective response. 

Improper Placement

You might not realize the importance of the position of your thermostat. It may have been set up prior to you moving in, so you didn't really have a say. Well, if it's not positioned just right, then you may not be able to get the most out of your cooling system.

For instance, if the thermostat was placed in an area where it gets hotter than the rest of your house, it may be signaling to the cooling system that it needs to run and stay running to cool down the space. In reality, the ambient temperature is just fine. If you think your thermostat is in the wrong place, hire an AC repair professional to switch it to another location right away. 

Dirt Buildup 

Like a lot of other AC-related components, dirt can cause thermostat issues that ultimately affect how your cooling system runs. The dirt may be hindering the thermostat from getting a proper temperature reading, which can make the cooling system work more frequently or not hard enough.

Dirt buildup involves a quick fix. You just need to clean the exterior thoroughly and the interior carefully. Don't apply too much pressure because the components inside thermostats can be a bit fragile. 


Even if you buy a brand-new thermostat and it's set up just right by a professional contractor, defects can still get in the way of achieving optimal cooling performance from your home's AC unit. The defect may be something related to the wiring or even the settings.

If you realize your thermostat has a defect, then you need to utilize the warranty that probably came with your new thermostat. You can use it to have the defective thermostat replaced with something that works correctly. If you didn't get a warranty, then you might see if an AC repair technician can address the defect with a repair. That would save you from buying another one. 

It's amazing how many things can happen to the thermostat that in turn affect cooling performance in your home. If you stay on top of these problems with thorough maintenance and attention, then you'll keep them from really affecting the ability to get cool, refreshing air. 

For more information about AC repair, contact a local HVAC company.