The Furnace Repairs That Could Be Needed For Air Handler Malfunctions

Your furnace needs an air handler to circulate the warm air through the ducts and your home. The air handler contains a blower and motor that work hard every time your furnace kicks on. Because the parts are in nearly constant use, problems can develop inside the air handler that affect how well the furnace can heat your home. Here are some things that can go wrong with the air handler and the furnace repairs you might need.

The Blower Is Loose

The blower is similar to a fan in that it spins so air can be blown in the ducts. If the blower gets a little loose, it might develop a wobble that causes it to scrape against other parts. A blade on the blower cage might even get bent and cause banging when the blower spins. You'll usually be alerted to this problem because of the noise the loose blower makes. A furnace repair person can service the blower to fix this problem or replace it if damage has been done.

The Motor Has Worn Parts

The blower motor has different parts that might wear down. This includes a belt, bearings, and electrical components. If the motor seizes up, it won't be able to spin the blower, and your furnace won't put out air. The motor can also overheat, and you might notice a burning odor coming from your furnace. If parts are damaged or ruined, the furnace repair service will replace them, but it might be possible to take the motor apart and clean and lubricate it and get it working again.

The Blower Is Caked With Dust

When the blades in the blower cage get packed with dust, the blower can't push as much air through your heating system. The solution to this problem is to remove the cage and clean it carefully with a small brush while being careful not to bend the blades. If the blower fan is caked with dust, that's a good sign that the entire air handler probably needs to be cleaned. It's important to maintain a clean air handler so your furnace can work properly. This usually entails an annual service call from your furnace company, and if you don't keep up with annual cleaning, then dust could build up and interfere with the operation of your furnace.

A furnace can shut down or short cycle when it's dirty. However, different things can cause furnace short cycling, so it's best to let a furnace repair service check the furnace and air handler to verify the reason your furnace is making odd noises, has unusual odors, or isn't keeping your house warm.