3 Useful Tools To Use When Fabricating Pipe

Pipe fabrication is an important process for many industries. It can also be challenging if you're not working with the right equipment. To simplify this process and help you fabricate pipe more effectively, you can invest in the following tools.

Pipe Stands

When working with pipe, it's important that it stays in place. Otherwise, you may cut the wrong section or the pipe could fall down and significantly injure your lower body. You can avoid these complications by utilizing pipe stands.

They feature heavy-duty jaws, which grip pipes in place to prevent them from moving around while you're working. You even have access to a brace screw, which gives your pipes even more stability during fabrication. These stands are pre-assembled and ready to use, and they can even fold up when you're done with them. This way, they don't take up a lot of space in your building or work site.

Guillotine Cutters

If you're trying to cut large pipe that is fairly thick, you'll need a special type of cutting device. That's where guillotine pipe cutters come in handy. They resemble a traditional guillotine, with a Teflon-coated blade at the bottom that's extremely durable and easy to maintain.

Using these cutters is also simple. Once your hands are firmly placed on the handle at the top, you can simply drive the blade down until the pipe is cut all the way through. These blades are also uniquely designed to make small square cuts, so that chips don't clog valves or any small openings.

Hole-Cutting Machines 

There will be times when you need to drill holes into pipes. If you're working with pipe made out of steel or some other durable material, you'll want to use a hole-cutting machine. It's specifically designed to continuously cut holes in steel pipe in a safe, efficient manner.

Since this machine has a built-in level, you can ensure you get consistent hole cuts every time that line up. A lot of these machines also have dual-side controls, which makes them easy to operate no matter what side you're on. Additionally, these machines are designed for both dry and oil cutting. 

Working with pipe can be a laborious activity at times. You can make these fabrication projects a whole lot easier simply by using the right tools. Then, you won't have to work as hard and you can actually improve your overall safety on every fabrication project. 

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